May I request a specific check-in day?

When it comes to condos most properties offer Saturday check-in only; however, some properties have Friday or Sunday check-in dates. All other travel can have requested check in dates.

May I book a property for just a few days?

Hotel choices allow as few of days as you need. Condo bookings have to be booked for the full week, however you can check in or out as early or as late as you need, as long as it falls with your booked week. Be sure to ask your agent for further details as condos will vary regulations.

May I submit my request over the phone?

Yes. Please call Holiday Planners , 1-877-338-8747, and leave your travel information with the reservationists and they will see that it gets to the correct department.

Are there fees for research?

The only fee for research is on air travel. There is a non-refundable flat $20 research fee to begin. There is a $20 booking fee per ticket when you confirm. The initial $20 research fee will be applied to the first ticket booking fee, this may be applied at the end if an international fare is reqested. If you have a group of 10 or more the booking fee will be reduced to $10 per ticket the research fee will stay at $20.