Brittney,                                                                    June 14th 2016

We had a great time, it rained a lot, but it also helped keep it cool. The flight was awesome, considering the fact I hate to fly, but it was a direct flight, which I found I didn’t mind so much.  

If I was to recommend any park for price and value, I would say Sea World was the best, it had huge roller coasters, and food prices were not too bad, I loved the fact that one could buy a fast pass for all day for all rides. Secondly, Universal Studio’s was wonderful, learned you could buy a ride pass (skip the long lines), for one ride on each ride they have, and it was half the price of the ride pass for multiple rides. Hell, who has time to ride each ride more than once and hit them all anyway, but usually they don’t even scan the ride ticket anyway. So if you ever send anyone down there, that is a tip and trick to saving money and still having a blast.  

Disney parks were just that, busy and expensive, not my favorite, but my little girl loved them all. We trade pins, I have since my first husband and I went (he passed away 2 years later), so it’s a tradition I’ve kept up since. Although, I keep his pins.  

I have passed on your agency to a few others, and have told them how helpful and easy you made my plans even though I was a mess, and getting Chad to settle on dates about drove me and I am sure you all crazy, but not once did you all get up tight with it.  

I will be traveling to Galveston, TX January 7 or 8 and coming home on the 15th, leaving on a cruise, dad took care of the cruise for us, as he normally does, this will be his 18th cruise, and they are members of the cruise line, but since you all made my fear of flying experience so wonderful, I am thinking of flying down. I will give you all a call when time gets closer, and see what is available from either Branson or Springfield/Branson to or near Galveston.  

I would highly recommend Holiday Planners to plan any vacation in the future for

my family or friends, and I know I will use you all in the future for all my

travel reservations. Holiday Planners went above and beyond helping with the flight, and car rental, to printing my airline vouchers, and checking in while I was on vacation and after. Your customer services is outstanding, but so where the prices you got me on last minute tickets.  

Melissa (Missy) Coleman

Debbie                                                                Aug 8th 2016

Thanks for your email.  Our trip was almost perfect.  I would recommend the Iberostar resorts at Riviera Maya to anyone.  Our room was fantastic, and the upgrade to the ocean view was worth every penny.  Service was great throughout our stay, food was good for the most part, etc.

Lomas Travel service was a blessing from the airport.  Could have been a real mess without having the shuttle service included.

You even kept the weather about perfect while we were there!!

Not sure when or where our next adventure takes us, but we will reach out to you for options for sure.