Airfare Bookings

Commercial Flights

Holiday Planners has a $20 fee per ticket for domestic and certain air travel this is an upfront fee and if purchased is used towards the ticket price.

Air Travel has become so common place in today’s market that deals are often measured by complimentary soda and pretzels. In other words, the average transportation flight is already very competitive, however, by using Holiday Planners resources and advice the best option will be found for you.

Holiday Planners utilizes an alliance of consolidators which make a Business or First class fare very beneficial and economy fares that are international. But, when dealing with economy fares domestically, more often than not you will find very little savings unless you are scheduling a vacation that corresponds with the flight plan.

Some Suppliers to Consider

We work to find rates that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Using their search engine with the links below you can establish if your route saves you the best depending on which class you choose.

You have to consider sometimes, when flying long distances flying in business class to obtain better service and more room, or using different carriers which meet different needs, you need to see the selection before making your choice.

When booking flights most people need the extras like hotels and car rentals – We can accommodate them all.

As an example if you go to Orbitz for a flight, it will search many airlines and give you a result. Go to that airlines website and you may find it cheaper.


If you need assistance with this section call Holiday Planners directly.kayak image window

Tour Companies

Touring in a new country can be exciting and also complicated. Let the tour companies that have been working with Agents for a long time help you.